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Live Blog: Kwame Kilpatrick Trial Day 34

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-Check below for M.L. Elrick's Breaking news on Kwame Kilpatrick-

And the judge calls a halt for the day.  M.L. will be live with a wrap up at 5 and 6, and make sure you catch his Takeaways,  I laughed myself silly reading a couple of them.  Soave will be back tomorrow and so will we.


Bullotta now showing a invoice from hotel.  Soave says Kwame and his family came down, he thinks it's 2 rooms he got, total bill $9,000.  Soave says in addition to money he gave to trainer there were additional costs.

Bullotta asks about NBA finals tickers.  Soave says there were on the floor, they were great seats, $10,000.  ("whew's" from us poor media folks in the overflow room.)


There are so many flights to so many cities, . $389,874 is the retail total.

Soave says at one point he told the Mayor he thought the Mayor should be paying for some of these flights.  Says Kwame told him he'd look into it.  Soave says coming back for the Black out was okay, and looking at condos in Florida was business but some of the family trips he thought were problems.

Soave says he kept letting him use the jets because he's the mayor. It's hard to turn the Mayor down and  he didn't want to get on the wrong side of him, didn't want him holding up another job, he'd already held up job had he didn't want it to happen again.

I can't even spell Cardier.  Bullotta now asking if he works out at Ritz Carlton Club, say kwame wanted to help him get rooms, says he talked to the trainer who said he could help.  Soave says he gave him money, guy went upstairs and locked up a couple rooms, says trainer told he needed money to keep them locked up.

Cartier, I had to look it up, you know what my wife is not getting for Christmas this year.


Bullotta asks if he took mayor to New York to Christmas shop.  Soave says yes.

Bullotta asks how he took flights on tax return.  Soave says he did not expense them he took them income for himself...

Bullotta asks what the did in New York City.  Soave says they had dinner, went shopping, and paid for a pair of she's, a purse, and a Cardier watch for his dad.  6 grand.  My car isn't worth that much now.


Bullotta showing a document listing the departure city and destination, Aug 16th 2003, says Detroit to Nassau. 

Bullotta asks if he sees where it says drop off.  Soave says he thinks that's it. Says it was the Falcon. Soave says the retail cost is not his cost just the retail cost.

Bullotta asks about next date.  Soave says this is where the pilots had to fly back.

Bullotta now asking about flight where plane picked up 6 people.  Soave says he thinks it was Kwame's family.

Bullotta says he's not going through every flight but do  you see a number of Flights.  Soave says Detroit to Mackinaw Island, East Hampton, Boston to Detroit, Houston, Greensboro, Cleveland, and others.  Soave says these all involve Mayor Kilpatrick.

Aug 2nd 2006 to Norfolk, then on to Bermuda.  Soave says 9 people but doesn't know what for.

Bullotta now asking id he sees TAlahassee, Chicago, more Tallahassee, TAlahassee to Miami.


Soave Says when Bobby came to them and said he was going to be a 50/50 partner on the next contract he tool Bobby "to go F himself."

Bullotta now asking about Kilpatrick Civic Fund.  Showing him checks to Civic Fund from Soave.  First one is for $75,000.  August 3rd, 2004.  Soave says he believes the Mayor asked him to contribute.  Soave says he thought it had something to do with city kids... some kind of civic thing.

Next check is for $50,000.  and yet another for 50 to bring the total to $175,000.

Soave now describing the 3 planes he owned through City AViation.  2 jets and the turbo commander.  Says the falcon seats ten, the other seat 8, or 9 if someone uses the jump seat.

Bullotta asking about August 2003 and the black-out.  Soave says he brought kwame back, to pick him up.  SAys they were asked to pick him up but plane couldn't get out.  Thinks he was in BAhamas and he brought him back after things got stabilized.  Says he thinks it was Derrick Miller who called because of the black out.

Soave says Kwame made it back for the black out on his own the a Soave jet took him back to the Bahamas.

Soave says he thinks it's about 20 round trips


Judge Edmunds tells jury that what Soave says next is admissible but just as to what his state of mind was at time.

Bullotta asking what his employee Kathleen McCann told him.  Soave says she said he was a handful and was always having problems.  SAys Ferguson would on occasion say you realize you are hear because of me.  Says it didn't make him feel good, that it sounded like a little threat.  Says that's what she came back and told him and it means that you probably better get along with me... or it could be consequences.  Says people understand that very well.

Bullotta asks if he was happy with Bobby's work.  Soave says he was a troubling contractor, his wanting more work, more money, more times.  Says Kathleen could probably address that better but she complained to him all the time.  Says they were not fun meetings for her.  Says on certain occasions there was work not being done.  Says they worked together a long time.

soave says a couple of times he mentioned to the mayor is Bobby still your guy. Says Kwame told him he's still my guy.  Soave says if he wasn't he probably would have cut  his work down. Says it was unusual to have a contractor talk to them that way Bobby talked to them.  Says it was an unusual relationship with a contractor.


Judge Edmunds says the calendar has been admitted into evidence.  Soave says the date he's being shown is consist ant with what he remembers.

Moving on to that sewer contract (1368).  Bullotta asking what Soave's employees told him about dealing with Ferguson.  Defense raises "hearsay" objection.  Going into another sidebar.


Court is back in session after a brief break.  Check below for M.L. Elrick's Breaking news on Kwame Kilpatrick

Bullotta is questioning Anthony Soave about a meeting with Kwame and having the minority contractor on a big sewer contract.   Bullotta is showing Kwame's calendar, the defense raised some question about this evidence and now they're going into a side bar.


I'm turning the blog over to M.L. Elrick now for breaking news about former Mayor Kilpatrick:

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner today ordered Kwame Kilpatrick to return to his court room for a hearing next Wednesday at 2 p.m.
We don't know why Groner is summoning Kilpatrick, but there are multiple reasons the judge might want to see the man he sent to jail in 2008 and, later, to prison for violating the terms of his probation by hiding assets that could have been used to pay down his $1 million restitution tab stemming from the text message scandal.
Among the issues Kilpatrick may have to contend with are:
Missing his latest restitution payment;
Developments in his legal challenge to the state's "Son of Sam" law that forbids felons from receiving any money from the proceeds of endeavors such as Kilpatrick's memoir;
The status of proceeds from the sales of the book, which Groner ordered into an escrow account that could be used to pay down Kilpatrick's restitution tab, on which he owes about $850,000.
Kilpatrick will likely have to go from federal court to Wayne County Circuit court, just across downtown.
Unlike federal court, we will be able to bring our cameras to the courtroom so you, too, can see what's going on.

M.L. Elrick

*****okay back to the trial***

Soave says he dumped the contractor who was getting ready to do the work.  Says he agreed to make the change because he wanted the job.  Says it was a big deal for Inland and a lot people were depending on it.  Says yes he was worried about losing the contract.  Everybody was telling him he had to go see the Mayor.  SAys a lot of people would have been out of work and it would have hurt the company.  Says $50 million was a lot of work for a company that size.

Soave says he told the kicked off contractor himself.  Says this was Charlie Williams, a guy he was mentoring, a minority business man who Soave was  helping get a start, help get his company started.

Says he came up with a number, $200,000, for Williams, and still does business with him, and mentored him and his company MPS.  Says MPS does industrial cleaning, says it's making money and they're working to make it better.


Bullotta asks if he had a relationship with Kwame before he became Mayor.  Soave: no I did not.

Bullotta asks if Kwame went to his office to visit.  Soave says he came to say hi and why wasn't he supporting him and he told Kwame he didn't know him.  Says it was mainly a social visit.

Bullotta asks about a contract.  Soave says it was at end of ARcher Admin and he was waiting for it to be signed. Soave says they were waiting to start the job, this was April 2002.

Soave says he called up the Mayor and asked if he could see him.  SAys he went to the Mayor's office alone, can't remember if anyone else was there.  SAys he asked him what was the hold up on the job.

Soave says the Mayor told him he had the wrong subcontractor.  Says he asked him what's the right one.  Says Kwame told him Ferguson was the right one.

Bullotta asks if he knew Bobby at the time.  No I did not.

Soave says he told the Mayor okay, I'll make the change.


The defense calls Anthony Soave to the stand. Soave has a colorful past, with reputed links to old time mob bosses like William "black Bill" Tocco.  There's a great article online by Stephen P. Dresch from the Cheboygan Daily Tribune about his early garbage hauling days. Now Soave is the head of Soave Enterprises which has holdings in everything from automotive and agriculture to metals and oil fields services.

He's describing his purchase of Inland Waters.  SAys they were industrial  cleaners, auto plants and other manufacturing facilities, located at 75 and Schaefer.  Soave says he was also in the contracting business.  A Juror is asking him to adjust his mic.

Bullotta says he'll go slower and Soave says it's okay he'll answer fast.  Judge tells him it's so the court reporter can record it.

Bullotta asks if his companies had contracts with the city of Detroit.  Soave says 1974, he thinks that was the first time.  I can think of so many things I'd like to hear Mr. Soave asked in court, but we won't be hearing them in this trial.

Bullotta asking about people working for his company, who does what.

Bullotta asks if he has a scrap business.  Soave says yes I still do.  Also owns checker cab in Detroit.


Shea asks if there's anything illegal in paying cash for services. Shook says no.

Shea now asking about lotto debt to Tunnel Liquor, did Bernard write checks totaling $45,000 to the store.  Shook says from several accounts he paid a total of $45,000

Bullotta up, asking about gambling analysis.  Shook says she look at the days he won and if that coincided with the deposits.  She says there were a few but not with winnings, but more withdrawals coincided.

Shea now up again and asking if Bernard gambled a lot, a whole lot.  and if gamblers are known to hoard cash and not deposit it.  Shook says yes and she done.


Shea is asking agent shook if she knows who paid Bernard and where the cash in his account came from. Agent Shook says no. These are just the deposits.

Shea asks if in 2002 and 2003 when Kado claimed he was paying Bernard she heard the phone conversation where Bernard asked what payments Kado was talking about and Kado said you didn't get paid in 2002. Shook says yes.

Shea now asking about Bernard gambling. ASks if he wins at casino he would have deposited cash. Shook says she also looked at the casino activity and it didn't match.

Shea asks if people can squirrel away cash. She says yes.

Shea asks if Bernard would have gotten cash if he won. That Shook can't tell if the cash in the accounts came from gambling, lotto, or anything else. She says correct.


STand by for breaking news from M.L.


AGent Shook is on the stand now.  Bullotta asking bout Kado testifying he paid Bernard between 200 and 300 thousand dollars.  ASking if she prepared a chart.  She says yes.  this is going through Bernard's personal bank records and totaling all the cash that went into the accounts. says it's a summary of all the cash being deposited into Bernard's accounts and a joint account he shares with his daughter.

2002  $118,000

2003 140,000

2004 123,000

2005 88,000

2006 59,000

2007 50,000

2008 23,000


Thomas asks if Kado could have taken 200,000 that Kwame was willing to pay.  Beeckman says that's what the conversation suggests but he doesn't know if that offer was tendered.

Shea is now asking about the efforts made to meet with Kado and they wanted a settlement figure to tie it up.  Beeckman says that's what it says.

Bullotta asking if he knows if there is a lawsuit pending and that the city's defense was that the contracts were corrupted.   Beeckman says yes and Shea objects.  The judge sustains and instructs the jury to disregard Bullotta's last question and Beeckman's answer. 


Court is back in session.  After a late start this morning the Judge is keeping a tight schedule and is not letting the 20 minute break stretch into 25 or 30 minutes.

Judge Edmunds is telling the jury that not every call has a transcript so if they need to hear a call again they need to ask.

Bullotta on redirect now, asking Beeckman about the Kwame and Bernard call played by the defense.  He reads "we ready to pay him you know"  ...we own them. You know, uh, we have not... We have not met our obligation with them."

Bullotta asks if Beeckman authorized Kado to offer to pay Bernard.  Beeckman says yes. Bullotta asks if in the next conversation he told Kado to tell Bernard  he wouldn't pay.  Beeckman says yes, he did this just to find out what Bernard would say.

Bullotta show transcript from yesterday.  Beeckman reads, "shit this is this wouldn't even be it would be  far back on the table,  it would take lawyers 2 years...."

Beeckman is now explaining that Kado did make inconsistent statements during his interviews but that Beeckman doesn't think he was lying.

Thomas is now up.  Asking Beeckman if Kado was ever paid by the Kilpatrick administration and that Kwame was being charged by Kim Worthy.  Beeckman says he was.

Thomas asks if the administration fell and is now asking if Cockrel or Being paid him.  Beeckman says as far as he knows Kado never got paid.


It's been an interesting morning.  Mike Bullotta put agent Beeckman on the stand to talk about Karl Kado's testimony yesterday.  When he ventured into questioning about the credibility of Kado's testimony the defense objected, and Judge Nancy Edmunds sustained, saying it was not the agents place to rehabilitate the witness.

Shea and Thomas both questioned Beeckman on Kado's inconsistencies, and Thomas especially stressed that fact that the government only charged Kado with tax crimes and that there were far more serious charges that might have been leveled against him.  Thomas brought up money laundering, because of the skimming from the stores.  Beeckman allowed as to money laundering being a possible charge.  Thomas asks him if hiding ill gotten gains could be considered a crime.  Beeckman agreed that's what money laundering is.  The question left unsaid was whether the money skimmed was ill-gotten.  Sounds from testimony like the profits were legal, they just didn't want to pay tax on it.  From my experience money laundering is usually considered when the money gained through criminal activities like drug operations or illegal gambling.


Shea asks if Kado had 3 disputes DAH building, electrical, and cleaning contract.  and this conversation was only about the DAH building.  Beeckman says yes. Shea is done and we're taking a break.  See you in 20 minutes.


Shea now asking about Kado's attempt to get paid for the renovation work on the building he leased to the city.  Shea is playing a 2008, Feb 24 phone call, this one is an hour earlier than the call the prosecution played in court yesterday.  Between Kwame and Bernard.

Kwame is saying there's now way we're paying Kado for things like a furnace, roof things, and they can't pay for that.  Bernard says he told Kado stuff like that was going to be a problem.

Shea says Kwame is advising Bernard that they do owe him some money but they can't pay for the structural parts of the bill.  Beeckman agrees.

back to call:  Kwame says they got FOI'd by the News and Free Press on the construction costs.  SAys they do owe him some money and are ready to pay him.  Kwame says they've had all kinds of conversations with Kado and at the last meeting Kado walked out saying he wants a million dollars.

Says he does believe he owes him and it might be 200,000 and that is their obligation.


Thomas is done and John Shea, Bernard's attorney, is now questioning Beeckman.  Most of the questioning so far has been about Bernard's lottery debt.  Shea pointed out that there was a disparity between the $80,000 figure and the $20,000 in Kado's testimony.  Beeckman says the 80,000 figure was from a much later conversation and months had passed between.

Beeckman also explained that the lottery account for the store had to be reconciled every week.  The point Shea was getting at was that Kado claimed, or at least sounded like he was claiming he made a one time payment to his brother for 80,000 to cover Bernard's debt. 


Thomas asks if it's unusual for the Mayor to have contact with Kado.  Beeckman says it's extremely unusual for the Mayor to talk to a contractor when there are several layers of supervision over him.  Beeckman says it would be an area of interest but there are a lot of layers of supervision between Kado and the Mayor.

Beeckman says he's not privy to the conversation so he can't say what they talked about, it could have been about the Mayor wanting to know if Cobo was going to be clean and ready for an event.

Thomas asking if skimming from a store could be considered money laundering.  Beeckman says it could be depending about how they hide it. 

Thomas is asking about Kado's charges, and what allegations he was looking into, like mail fraud and money laundering along with tax charges.  Beeckman says were looking at paying bribes at Cobo.  Admits that money laundering could  have been one but that's not what they were looking at.

Thomas asks if the more serious charges would have meant stiffer penalties for Kado and Beeckman says yes.


Thomas is asking about an inconsistency in Kado's testimony about when he gave Kwame money after the Gil Hill debate leading up to the first election.  Thomas asks if it was Kado that provided miller with an envelope, not a brown paper bag.  Beeckman says correct.

Yesterday Thomas asked Kado if he gave Kwame money after he took office or if it was before.  Kado talked about meeting Bernard and crew at the debate which was held at Cobo.  Kado's testimony yesterday was confused.


Bullotta is done and Thomas is now asking Beeckman about Kado's testimony about Dementia.  Thomas asking about contradictions in Kado's testimony.  Beeckman says he doesn't consider these false or misleading.  They're going to look at Kado's testimony in a criminal report.

Thomas wants to know if Kado reviewed this document. Beeckman says he reviewed some of the criminal reports and reviewed this one sometime during the process.


Bullotta is now showing Kwame's calendar from that period showing a scheduled meeting between the Mayor and Kado in April of 2003.  Next entry is for a Saturday in August.  THis one has an entry that includes Kado's cell number.

Bullotta asks if there were any texts between Kado and the Mayor.  Jan 2004, Megan Pitts is sending this message, she's a mayoral staffer.  Says Kado just called, missed Kwame's call, and gives Kado's cell number.

Jan 23 2004 Message, Samara Bradley, another staffer, tells Mayor "Karl Kado" and give his cell.

Bullotta asks if Kado ever told Beeckman that he hired Bernard as a consultant.  No. did Kado say he ever gave Bernard anything of value after Kwame left office.  No.

Bullotta asks about Kado making calls for the Feds.  Beeckman says Kado told him he was owed money from the city and could make calls.


Had a little computer glitch so I'll try to play catch up here.  Bullotta played a phone message between Bernard and Andrew Kado, Karl's brother, where they talked about lottery numbers and what Bernard owed on his line of credit.  Beeckman says he listened to 159 calls like this over a period stretching from 2007 to 2008.  This was in relation to Karl Kado's testimony yesterday about Bernard's lottery playing at Andrew's liquor story in the Millander Center.

Now Bullotta is showing text messages between Derrick Miller and Kwame Kilpatrick, and Miller and Bernard.

On the screen right now is a series of messages talking about setting up a meeting with then Cobo Director Lou Pavledes,  Miller says Lou is shifty.  These are from Feb of 2003

Now Bullotta is showing a letter to Karl Kado from Pavledes saying Kado got the electrical contract.


The prosecution is re-calling agent Robert Beeckman.  Mike Bullotta is moving to pre-admit a bunch of text messages relating to the Cobo Hall portion of the case.


"all rise" court is in  session.  The delay appears to be because everyone was caught in the long lines this  morning, waiting to get through security.  There are several trials going on, hundreds of prospective jurors are coming through, and there are also new lawyer orientation classes going on.  Busy court house.


I just finished reading M.L. Elrick' Daily Takeaway and can't help but compare it to some of Hunter S. Thompson's stories.

We're waiting for Agent Beeckman and Tony Soave to take the stand today. 


Good morning from the Theodore Levin Federal Court House in downtown Detroit. 

Ken Martinek is Senior Producer-Investigations for Fox 2 News.  You can contact him at

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