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Prevent Your New Year's Hangover QuickieChick Style!

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New Years Eve Hangover Prevention QuickieChick style!

by: Laurel House

How many times have you uttered 'I'm never drinking again…' while feeling so sick to your stomach that even the idea of alcohol ever touching your tongue again makes your stomach turn.

Worse than feeling awful, hangovers can actually wreak havoc on your immune system, digestive track and organ function. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself the day after, eat and drink these BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER (but before you go to sleep) to avoid the post-alcohol pain.

Base Food

If you're going to drink, you have to eat something first. Even if you know that there will be food at the party, you will probably start drinking before the food comes out. So prepare yourself. Have a few bites first. I'm all about PopChips new tortilla chips made with stone ground corn masa, and half the fat of regular flavored tortilla chips. They are a great base, but not so filling that you won't be able to eat later.

Drink Organic Alcohol

Drinking organic spirits (as opposed to alcohol that's loaded with chemicals from the growing process) is less taxing on the liver and, because the function of the liver is basic detoxification, that means that drinking organic spirits can help your liver pump out the alcohol faster. The easier it is for the liver to digest, the less likely it is that you will be bedded the next day by a hangover. I'm obsessed with American Harvest organic vodka that's made in American- which is kind of awesome. It's also super smooth and doesn't leave you with that burn in your throat like other vodkas do.

Eat Asparagus

The high concentration of amino acids produces enzymes that help to accelerate the breakdown of ethanol (the active ingredient in alcohol that creates the hangover as well as the toxic effects on the liver). Eat asparagus before or during (as in, with dinner) drinking to help decrease your chances of being hit hard by the hangover stick.

Go Green!

Green drinks help to hydrate while simultaneously helping to detoxify your system faster. Green drinks and pressed drinks are a huge trend- a very expensive trend. And because fresh juiceries aren't generally open late at night, bottled drinks are a better bet. Evolution Fresh is made with pure fresh-picked fruits and vegetables that are squeezed and pressed fresh. You can even mix it with that vodka or wine- which they actually do at some healthy restaurants these days like M.A.K.E raw restaurant in Santa Monica (so amazingly delicious!).

Down Copious Amounts of Water Before Bed… no matter how sober you "think" you are

Dilute the alcohol, making the toxins move through the liver in less concentrated force, allowing more time for the ethanol to be broken down, resulting in a less torturous hangover.


  • a glass between alcoholic beverages.
  • "on the rocks" then crunch and swallow all the ice
  • before bed drink as many glasses of water as you consumed alcoholic drinks.

Mix Up A Tomato/Cayenne Chaser

Replenish electrolytes and get blood sugar back on track with a tomato and cayenne chaser. No tomato juice in the house? Boost a glass of water with a dash of salt, sugar, cayenne, and a squeeze of lime both before bed and immediately upon waking up.

Drink Orange Juice BEFORE Bed

The Vitamin C helps your liver break down alcohol and flush it out of your body faster.

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