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Sell your body (legally) for cash

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It's illegal to sell or buy organs in Arizona, but that doesn't mean people aren't selling other body parts for money. For some, the motive is strictly financial. For others, there's a much more meaningful reason.

It's often called the oldest profession in the world – prostitution -- selling your body. But it turns out there are other ways you can make a buck that don't involve sex.

A quick internet search reveals you can sell several of your body parts – legally, for cash -- others can be donated, but your time will be compensated.

Companies pay good money to advertise on your skin. The, an online casino, paid one woman $10,000 to tattoo their name on her forehead

You can earn up to $100 this week donating your plasma.

"I needed the money," says Laurie Plummer.

Laurie Plummer donates plasma on a regular basis.

"If you come in on Monday, $20. You can't do it the following day, so Wednesday you come in make $35."

Wig makers long for healthy hair. According to, one woman received $1,000 for her locks. The site even offers tips on how to sell your hair for cash.

Celerion, a clinical research company in Tempe, helps develop treatments for many illnesses. They didn't want to talk on camera, but the website indicates you can receive a stipend of nearly $4,000 for participating in a study

The motivation to donate her eggs was anything but financial for Megan Mendenhall.

"I had no idea how much you make or what was involved," says Mendenhall.

Mendenhall was a psychology major at ASU, a sophomore.

"We studied relationships, married couples versus non married couples."

She was just 20 years old when she decided to donate her eggs.

"A surprising amount of married couples can't have kids on their own. I just felt like if they can't have kids on their own, why not help them."

"You don't get compensated for the number of eggs that you do, someone who donates ten gets the same compensation as someone who donates 30," says Dr. Drew Moffitt, reproductive endocrinologist.

Reproductive endocrinologist with Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists, Dr. Drew Moffitt, says a donor can receive upwards of $3,000 for her eggs and compensation for her time. Selling them is illegal in Arizona.

The process is lengthy. It includes physical and psychological tests, daily injections, weekly ultrasounds and finally the retrieval.

"They are really empowered by the fact that they are going to be able to bless somebody's life in a huge way and change their lives forever."

We wondered does selling your body or donating it for compensation cause any long term psychological effects? Well, experts we spoke to say it can -- the degree however varies on what you're giving up.

"Level of commitment, level of involvement. So it's going to have the experiences of donating hair or plasma pretty limited in their commitment or involvement and it's a fairly short procedure relatively painless, versus donating an egg which is a very invasive procedure," says Dr. Everett Bailey.

Family and marriage therapist with PCS Dr. Everett Bailey advises anyone who plans to donate to do the research and prepare mentally

Megan offers the same advice.

"I would say to think about it because it is a big deal knowing that you did donate part of yourself to a couple that wanted to have a baby."

Six months after her first donation Megan donated a second time. While she was in discussions to donate a third time, she got pregnant on her own.

Amelia is 3 months old, the apple of mommy's eye -- another reason Megan says she will donate yet again. Another reason to help a couple start a family of their own.

You can't donate sperm in Arizona, but the going rate in neighboring California is said to be $1,000 per donation. Just like with eggs, donors have to meet specific qualifications.

Women can make between $20,000 and $25,000 to carry another's child, although surrogacy is still a controversial topic.

Some other countries will pay money for a woman's placenta after she gives birth. It's often sold later in pill form.

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