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From Reporter Rick Dickert & Anchor Araksya Karapetyan

Rick & Araksya Share The Ride For Rideshare Week

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From Rick Dickert:

So a few weeks back I learned that Araksya moved into my neighborhood and thought...WOW..my home value just went up!..lol...Her move was perfect timing because Rideshare Week was coming up. I constantly remind everyone during my morning SkyFOX reports to try and carpool or take mass transit even for just one day a week. Unfortunately, due to my crazy early hours (I leave at about 2am each morning), no available buses or trains and because nobody on the FOX team lived anywhere close, I was never been able to take my own advice...until TODAY!!

Every year, METRO helps sponsor and promote California Rideshare Week. They have great events planned and ask commuters to make a pledge to share the ride. We are all so set in our ways here in L.A. and have a hard time getting outside of our boxes. I know-I get it! But Metro really wants us to start thinking "outside of our solo drives"..Taking the train, bus or riding in with a coworker saves on gas money and reduces smog and congestion. You can read or even take a nap if someone else is driving!

HERE are all the details on Rideshare Week

I asked Araksya a few weeks back if she would be game to riding in together on Rideshare Day (today). She was onboard right away! We decided that I would drive since I needed my car to get to the airport/SkyFOX after our stop at the station.

I made sure I washed and detailed my car inside and out earlier in the week (even through I knew it was going to rain). Araksya is a big time neat freak, but so am I! The only thing I was not able to get clean was my center console. Some wax off of my surfboard melted off and dripped on it a few weeks back and it there for good. I don't think she noticed though.

Pick up time was 2AM and we were both on schedule-you have to be when you work our hours. For you late risers, you may not be aware, but our newscast starts at 4:30 am. Our first stop was going to be for coffee. However, as I pulled away from Araksya's house I realized I forgot to empty my rain gauge! (see the photo on the Rideshare gallery). We then made our way to 7-11 for our java. This was a change for Araksya because she usually stops at McDonalds for her early cup.

She was down with the change and liked the coffee! Soon enough we were on our way down the 405 and made it to the station with no problems. We talked most of the way which is something we obviously NEVER do at 2:15am! I typically listen to AM 570 FOX SPORTS  RADIO and Araksya gets briefed on the headlines from KNX. I was a gentleman and made sure the dial was on 1070!

It was actually a really nice and easy experience. The trip between our neighborhood and the FOX Studios is 18 miles each way.

We saved 36 miles (roundtrip) of gas and wear and tear on her vehicle. We also took one car off the road helping to reduce congestion and pollution. This was just in one DAY! Imagine if everyone committed to carpooling at least once a week how much better our roads, air and wallets would be. Araksya and I have not yet committed on more carpooling, but I think it will be happening again in the future.

On a final note, I did hear she at a slight complaint about my driving...It was too SLOW!! I was just trying to be safe and make sure I got the precious cargo to the station safely! She is one of our esteemed anchors!


From Araksya Karapetyan:

Carpooling is a great idea, but the problem is in LA...it isn't really realistic. Don't get me wrong it can be done, but it isn't easy. How many of you actually live near a co-worker? Now let's make it even more complicating-how many of you live near a co-worker who works the same schedule?

Well, it just so happens that Rick Dickert and I are South Bay neighbors! So Rick decided since we live so close to one another we should give carpooling a shot. After all it is California Rideshare Week!

The funny thing is, just the other day on the 405, I looked over and Rick was driving right next to me! We were side-by-side the entire way, we even pulled into the parking structure at the same time! It would make sense to carpool.

We started our journey just 10 minutes earlier then we usually do this Thursday morning. Rick picked me up at 2 a.m. sharp.. and off we went! Well, we didn't get very far...Rick forgot to check his rain gauge, so we had to stop by his place for a couple minutes. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but in the morning every second counts! The good news is, since we left early it wasn't a problem.

We swung by Rick's usual 7-Eleven stop for coffee. This was my first time grabbing coffee from there, I usually I go through the drive thru at McDonald's, but I am always up for trying new things, and I am happy to report the coffee was pretty good (which is a good thing since that really could have ruined my morning...just kidding.)

Oh and we argued awhile with the clerk over who was paying for two coffees-  let me be clear, we both wanted to treat the other person...but I figured since Rick drove, it was the least I could do.

Once we were officially on the road Rick compromised and let me listen to the news, instead of sports, so I could catch up on everything that happened while I was sleeping.

Not that it really made a difference though, we were so busy chatting, I didn't hear much- which is pretty funny since we both warned one another that in the mornings we don't like to talk to anyone, until we fully wake up (for me that usually happens around 3:45 a.m.)

I've been working with Rick for the past year and a half, but today is the most time I have ever spent with him. Sad but true...we see each other every morning, but only for a split second down the hall, usually he is running into make-up and I am running out.

I am happy to report at the end of the day I really do like him after all! In all seriousness though it was a fun.

I am certainly a creature of habit, I like to be in control (I like being in the driver's seat), I need my routine and schedule to stay on course (and I have a feeling Rick is the same way too).

But it was one day and it was worth it! I will say this though... I did feel a little out of it when I walked into the newsroom- my routine was so off track, it took some time for me to be able to fully focus on work.

There are certainly perks in ride sharing, especially that early in the morning. And it is comforting to know that if for some reason I can't drive my own car to work one morning, Rick is just down the street ready to give me a ride (I hope).

As I wrap up my thoughts.. I am waiting for Rick to come back to the station to pick me up and take me home...

I hope he didn't forget about me.


Thanks Rick for getting a car wash for me! It was a pleasant surprise to get into a spotless car. (although there was this stain on the middle console - I never did ask what that was from...) 

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